Observations from a place some call rough:

* Everyone chats, i mean….Everyone. Couldn’t even get five paces down the first street without exchanging chit chat. Love it.

* People who speak English as a second or third language appeared to be out in force today, clearing up the pavement outside their own homes and sweeping up and binning the leaves further  on down the road.

* Houses and their tiny gardens/ yards/ ginnels are getting smartened up. Seriously so.

* No one verbally harasses folk round there any more. It makes a lovely, fabulous, gloriously wonderful change and one that was celebrated with a nice cup of tea when i got home.

*  Being able to buy a book for 25p is great, esp when there’s heaps of choice.

* Official street sweepers are good to see once more.

* So are official folk clearing up flytipping.








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