overpaid tax….and some

Returning to work, flexi time, is suiting me….generally speaking….and all is kinda OK. The availability of shifts is sporadic at the moment, but the again it usually is during the summer holidays + everything does take a bit of time to pick up as we drift into autumn.

I’ve been here before, many times, in various incarnations; i know how it works.

It remains a very real pleasure to go into child care settings and work alongside the regulars, discovering and exploring together with the little ones. Nothing much to beat a hefty lump of play dough, or a heap of sand…..


Only this time i discover that i am paying tax.

Which means that the P45 hasn’t been actioned.

And now the tax office details that i’ve been given, doesn’t exist either.


The joys of constant reorganisation.

The delights of striving for excellence.

The deep desire to …oh i don’t know….(breathe deeply…..)….


i feel the pain of my boss who went to look for the tax office details on the side of his computer, only to realise with a sickening thud that ‘we don’t do it that way anymore’

No indeed











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