Ate what really was the very last of our wild strawberries 🙂

Hauled most of the plants o-u-t of our front garden soil and into pots- tidying that little patch up until it looks Suitably Suburban and actually not like something that is to do with me at all……

Walked the hound until he stopped and asked to go home again!

Forgot to make jam.


[That last one can be sorted later, the fruit is in the freezer &  local blackberry bushes are all done and dusted. Time for sticky work surfaces another day…….]

Today really was a day for sitting in the sunshine and sieving soil, a time and a space to be comfortable and to have my hands in compost ….that i have nurtured! OK. The nails could look  better but then again, acrylics are not really my thing ( to put it mildly….) so that’s ok. The front now looks uncomfortably not like my garden! But this needs to happen. And the only way to get from where we are now….to where we want to be….is to sort our home and sort the garden ….and at some point in time……..decide what to do next.


  • There is another grandchild to be introduced to, this must happen and soon.
  • Am taking a few days out this week , long overdue.
  • Old friends are resurfacing, just like the yummy autumnal mushrooms that are also appearing all over the place. Other friends are moving. So a totally new address book calleth
  • Work requires a certain ’embedding’


In short……my roots are being distinctly loosened.






We’ve eaten outdoors lots this year……this was maybe my favourite meal  🙂

















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