Our life is getting a tad more crowded than we had planned for 2017 to be at this stage. So one way of winding down has been to make things; stuff that can be used, handled, held and considered as my days unfold. A new purse was called for as the previous one finally gave up and this wool kinda called out to me from the bottom of a charity shop box. And there was a question over the solitary earring….. they look quite good together, i think?


I’m a tactile kinda person, there is no earthly use my having a diary online… dear me no, got to be able to hold it in my hands. So earlier on in the year i arrived early for a course, settled myself in a cosy armchair, with a good view, decent cup of tea, pair of scissors, sellotape for covering the final object, glue and a pile of magazines and freebies. The end result is pleasing ( well for me anyway!),  has started many conversations and ensures that i am where i ought to be with + with the correct clobber…..

20170420_165114           20170420_165123

Slowly, I’m reclaiming the small things about living which bring pleasure and simplicity. Working with my hands, both for pleasure and also for necessity in work, is bringing a degree of peace …..and dare i say it, tranquility too.




In other areas of life the home smells of tea tree oil, is draped about with drying washing and the dog paw bled all over the living room floor this week, shortly after the cat threw up over the kitchenish area…….








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