Life Choices

This month there have been a few conscientious decisions made that have made a deal of difference to my daily life and at hardly any cost to myself.
So here goes, with a hope that it reminds me as much as gives pause for thought to anyone else:

* Sunshine is to be captured, so i have taken every single chance to sit, stand, walk or work in Any available sunshine!

* Given the chance of walking beside greenery or along grey roads, i have chosen the green option….safety permitting.

* My internal monologue sometimes sinks, so as an antidote i have taken to consciously and verbally openly noticing my surroundings. The small and apparently insignificant as well as the obvious and grand.




* Eating processed food on a regular basis is not agreeing with me. So without creating a matrimonial scene i’ve decided to eat what i want, when i want, at the times when i have responsibility for my own food. I feel heaps better!

* Communication is a two way street, even if they are family or close friends. There is no point in keeping myself awake half the night worrying my socks off over unimaginable nonsenses. I’ve gave that up for Lent and NOT picked that particular bag up again afterwards.

* Life is short. Events of the past few years have taught me to treasure each and every day. Therefore…i am not going to fill any more days with matters that drive me bananas, unless i am being paid for it AND i have the choice Not To Go Back There Again!

* Life is short….etc etc etc….therefore i might very well choose to fill my days with matters that bring joy and delight to my soul and that make me smile. Thank the Good Lord Above, my fella agrees with me, even if he doesn’t exactly share my delight in ….oh….choral evensong was the last occasion.

And when i forget all this stuff…….?

Yeah, it usually ends up pretty much like this!










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