Day after the night before…..


So today we all either woke up at a ridiculously early hour…..or we fell asleep at breakfast time, after a ridiculously long night.

I did the former….worked with littlies…. then was taken off to buy new work shoes, as the old ones are quite literally falling apart under my feet.

It’s all very confusing.
Labour did extremely well.
Tories won the election.
May lost.
Corbyn walked it.

The list of stuff that is left undone over this past month is worrying. Would love to be able to sail through life without a hitch, but am going to have to admit not being frightfully efficient. One can only hope that family and friends will forgive my (many) failings……

Work continues. Today was a short shift, only three and a half hours, but full on. What do i get up to? Well, today included:

* Facilitating magnetic trains and those wooden train tracks ….with sets of two children at a time. This mostly involved encouraging them to make their Own tracks, praising them for keeping On Task (i.e. Not hauling the tracks up and throwing them around!), refereeing incidents of “S/he Snatched My Trains!” and working out with them how They were going to get the tracks to go where They wanted the tracks to go.

* Chalk drawing on black paper. Simple but effective. And judging by the tongue-sticking-out-and-squinting methods involved, the children were fully engaged! Some pictures went home anyway, which is always good.

* Water Play; transferring multi coloured plastic balls on plastic kitchen serving spoons…into a big plastic jar. Oh. My. Goodness. They loved it. THEY worked out that if the jar was part filled with balls…. then part filled with water…the balls floated. Only the one who discovered this had no word for “float”. He has now!

* Rolling very small plastic hoops along the floor and seeing if they could mount the line of wooden blocks three paces away. Terrific success. This progressed onto balancing the hoops and seeing if they could remain still…then be everso slowly poked along, a tiny bit at a time. My role was to ensure no one scuppered the occasion.

* We made worms and slugs….snails and beetles….apparently we made snakes and frogs too, so i am told! All the creatures eyes were interesting, the frogs had spots all over their backs and all of our creatures were bright pink! Play dough….

* Stories and books featured highly.

* And songs….lots of songs. Songs to sing altogether, songs to sing with just a few people, songs to hum along together when we are upset, songs to dance to.

* Lots of people had houses, on a playmat. Small people and their houses were rudimentary, but very creative. These people got up to all manner of stuff and the children were very clear about their behaviours… there was much wagging of fingers and stern chats going on this morning then three people were removed to a cardboard box and told to stay there!

* A little one fell asleep on me, midway through ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. We’d just got to “Tickets Please”

* Sand was frustrating for a few today, until we removed the moulds and buckets for soft sand is no good for making sand castles. Instead we filled and tipped, trickled and scooped, sifted and sprinkled and hid our fingers. One made up a story all about tigers in the sand.

* One needed to lie on the floor and consider the enormity of the situation facing her. It was touch and go, could have gone either way, but in the end (dignity restored…) she rejoined her friends and life continued.

My life is quite good really








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