Dear Wordpress, please don’t loose my post like you did last time …thankyouverymuchindeed…!

 And this is exactly why i like travelling to other churches, watching how other folk do what happens inside these buildings; watch the glass or the wood, the piles of blankets waiting to be blessed and then taken out to be lovingly wrapped around people who have no-one left to make them a snuggle blanket…..or stuff like THIS!

Stunningly beautiful kneelers and made with SUCH care. Goodness, who wouldn’t want this for confirmations, weddings or whatever? Glorious……

It’s been a long drawn-out summer and autumn. That which should have been done, couldn’t be done ….. that which should not have been done, was…and goodness there certainly is no health in me, not right now anyway.
Was struggling with working going through the summer months but am now on the fourth week Off Work.

Bronchiectasis, it’s a thing.
I’m either able to function….or not and haven’t really got the measure of what i can and what i cannot do. (say’s she, airily…) That’s not right.At All.
i took two consecutive shifts at a nursery and….well i shouldn’t. Not really. Stupid that such a little thing like that can tip everything over the edge, but there we go.

So have had four weeks of not being out and about. Well as i CAN be out and about, but am then shattered for the next day and can’t function properly. It’s SO very annoying! I’m not being as patient with myself as i could be + no doubt would encourage Others to be!

So…. no kneelers…. no blackberry picking (thank goodness we caught the early ones- safe in the freezer)….no collecting the fallen apples on our common land….. no jam making (currently burning Everything, so not going to risk sacrificing that what fruit i did get for some forlorn hope of a result)……no coffee n chats out….

But two friends have popped by, dropped in stayed and chatted…so i’m not Quite out of the loop on current affairs.

And i am considering attending a reunion of sorts next month.

Hey ho….no doubt i will emerge fully when we are all firmly in Winter, ready to sort the Christmas tree and decorations.


2 thoughts on “Dear Wordpress, please don’t loose my post like you did last time …thankyouverymuchindeed…!

  1. So sorry you are unwell. I really hope that you’re back in action soon. I did wonder what happened to your last post. I got the link and when I went there…nothing.
    I always like to read your posts. You are virtual presence that has endured in the very temporal and ephemeral world of socal media/blogging. I have not blogged for months but you raise a spark and I feel one coming on…..(hopefully)
    J x

  2. You are kind! ….i was (like you) elsewhere and there for quite a while. But after a very serious medical hiccup i purged a lot of what amounted to my online presence, That+ an argument with the amount or style of images i could upload!

    It’s good to connect.

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