Cudweeds and woundworts…..

I wonder, is there a vast difference between the focus encouraged in PhD students……and …..the positive rigidity of thought that is rapidly growing in regard to my interest in wild plants?

Frankly (and we’re in the UK, so yes this terminology Is correct!) i couldn’t care less about supper tonight, but i Do care quite a lot about whether or not the sweet woodruff should be moved. Figworts and periwinkles, mugworts and toadflax, mulleins and the latest wall growing red-shank are of far more interest to me than lots of what’s on offer as an alternative right now.

Is this the start of an inexorable slide into chaotic domesticity? Or could this desire actually fuel my need to have our home orderly …so that….i can go back to the welted, melancholy or creeping thistles? The jury is out!

Happily our household is currently doing their own things re meals, as one of us is on a very strict and hugely successful diet….leaving me free to eat whatever on earth i want and whenever i want as well! So supper tonight is halved oatcakes spread with marmite, topped with halved tomatoes and the whole lot are sat on slivers of cheese. Yoghurt and honey followed by chopped apples, yummy. I think the other meal consists of some cooked option that doesn’t at all appeal….

As the years advance, so does the possibility me wandering around far flung hills and hunting down rare plants. I may be spotted in the distance but at least i’ll be happy!










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