….reporting in.


* the shelves and drawers have ALL been gone through and for the second time!

* bedding cupboard is brutally sorted and most bedding and linen won’t see the light of day until we reach Scotland.

*cherished clutter has been…er…decluttered, sorted & sifted and with what remains neatly packaged into labelled cardboard boxes.

* the kitchen is depleted and we have to stop asking each other where such and such is. As if it can’t be Seen…it’s been packed!

* snagging list is being worked through but i keep coming across rulers, random nails and screws, pieces of string, pieces of wood and last week a screwdriver in the bathroom…

* grandchildren have now been banned from the house, frankly it’s way too dangerous.

And as this process goes on, my grasp on previously cherished objects has decidedly ‘loosened’. The bowl of china shards that i have spent the last ten years picking out of local rivers and brooks have been released back into wild. It was like releasing minnows back into the Lune after a day spent looking at them in jam jars when we were children. Various bits and pieces that i’d thought i would keep forever, have been blown away to find their new lives and the local charity shops are very friendly towards us now.

Christmas Day tomorrow and for the first time in many a long year we are at home with no little ones, nor yet any Grown Up little ones either. It’s quite lovely but will i think be the Last year with no one else around at Christmas time. So we are going to make the most of it; little things really, like having tiny sherry glasses out on the sideboard with our Ginger Wine!

A few days left until 2018.
A year which will bring many changes.