Last month we started the journey towards relocation.

Retirement beckoned…and then shook the hand of….my other half and in the run up to this momentous event, we took rental of a property in the south of Scotland. It’s near enough for Elderly Parent Visits and convenient enough for one of the offspring and their family. Importantly though, it’s North of the Border.

Already we’ve done an overnighter…i’ve managed Two and ….it’s home. Just like that.

So one house is being folded down whilst the other is looking positively cluttered. We are in one place and what we want is often in the Other place. Lists. Diaries. Notes. Hopes and prayers.
Boxes come to mean the difference between a good nights sleep and one spent trying not to forget that the china cups are next to the slow cook. While a decent supply of post-it notes and marker pens, to say nothing of stamps/ envelopes/ sellotape and scissors, has ensured many tranquil nights of fantastic and very deep sleep.

And as we leave one place, the importance of what we either move to Scotland with us or leave behind….shifts somewhat. There is no deadline or target, no hurrying and ferreting around, this move is tranquil by comparison with All other moves and will take place in a leisurely manner over the next month or so.

The only problem is that life does go on. Diaries will HAVE to be used or i foresee extended family ructions.

Yet through all of this, i still amble around; checking on the sweet woodruff, wondering about the wild garlic and attempting to identify a particularly wonderful plant that is spilling out of the ditches in Scotland right now. It might be far more helpful were i to attempt the back shelf of the shed, but the garden here in the city is muddy, my boots have only just dried out and to be honest wild flowers are a better bet….ISTM


5 thoughts on “Scotland.

    1. Such a change but you seem so positive, embracing it like you would a n fresh new day. Though I only know you through your blogs, I feel a bond and am sending you my best wishes.

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