…and just like that, i’m home.

For me anyway, the concept of “home” is an odd one and it is something that i’ve chatted about with others. Is “home”, however one defines it, an area? A building? A room? Is home the people? A person?
For me anyway home is really about having a bedroom, my own space, even if shared with another or others. True, if more rooms are involved, i’m even happier. But push to shove….the nurses home at Central Middlesex Hospital springs to mind… i can make myself at home, in a room, quite easily. Opposite that nurses home there was an old deserted children’s home that had escaping purple iris, galloping pink flowering currant bushes, wild and endless herbaceous borders with flowering shrubs around the edges and random bulbs providing endless blooms throughout the year so my bedroom usually had flowers.

A swift count tells me that this is my 27th bedroom. So it’s the 27th time that i’ve put down roots, invested emotional energy in a place, coaxed plants to grow, arranged photos on a handily available surface (gosh, that dates me!), it’s the 27th time that i’ve made decisions about where to place furniture. The 27th time that i’ve shaken my head and wondered yet again about my propensity to collect clutter.
We are almost there. There IS the minor matter of a previous home to sell, but matters are taking their natural course and i have no doubt that the right person is waiting to move in, to start their life in that part of North East Manchester that i grew to know and love so well. Initially (way back when) there were misgivings about living on the edges of a city, loathing suburbia it had to have easy access to wilderness and Moston Brook so near provided a much needed escape for me. Moston Brook with its damp and ever changing habitat.

So imagine my amusement to discover that our garden here in Scotland, is frankly a minor Moston Brook! But however tempting it might be, a Garden is not a publicly available wild space nor should it be treated in the same way. So no, i will not be encouraging swathes of bouncing meadowsweet, nor will our garden include banks of butterbur. For now at least, what grass is available must be cut….the thistles will not be allowed to grow….ground elder or dandelion can’t be allowed to flower along the boundary with our neighbour….and somehow, the rush will have to go away without forming damp, dank, colour-leached patches. Hedging plants need to occupy some gaps…..a massive towering bundle of old brambles and odd dead branches must be cleared….a few shrubs require rescuing…. but that apart, all we need to do is reclaim what was once a perfectly decent garden.
As far as gardening goes, I’m not great at destruction. But here? Here there needs to be some fairly tough ground rules:

1) Thistles and brambles are banished. If we want blackberries there are perfectly acceptable thornless varieties and don’t start me on the thistle.

2) Eating ground elder/ sorrel/ dandelion is not a rational form of weed control, not in this garden.

3) That old adage of ‘Less is More’ is a very good place for us to start…and also remain for a little while longer.

4) Rush in one’s garden is neither acceptable nor helpful. Some people might want to weave with them and suchlike, i don’t. They can go and the sooner the better. I’ve been told about and shown nicely mown areas that were once rush infested. So i know that without recourse to draining the land or lumping chemicals in, it is possible to heavily discourage their existence in a garden. It shall be so.

5) Gardening on into the evening is now out. (Midges)

Excuse me, there are about three years depth of dead rush to rake out.

Oh…and would i go back to living in England or on the edge of a city?


2 thoughts on “…and just like that, i’m home.

    1. 🙂
      Thank you, it is!

      A wise friend, one who knows me way too well, suggested that i get ready for a swift, sudden and unexpected move. At the time i smiled…but knowing her…did listen. Am i so Very glad that she spoke. As this move was suddenly upon us. Well me, the other half is toiling away, doing the last bits back there….

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