Well. Previous days have gone and if i can recall anything from them great, but if not then hopefully it all starts here.

I ended up screeching out of the kitchen door, having managed to carefully place a full mug of tea on the side but NOT having managed to stop myself from flinging the phone and some kind of long-horned beetle across the room + along the way upending a chair and the clothes airer. Upon sober inspection, the beetle was quite glorious but that’s not the point, is it? I first saw little parts of it out of the corner of my eye.

Just stop.

And consider those last few words for just one moment.

I was sitting down…in the kitchen ..which meant that the beetle…yup. You’ve got it! Waaaay too close! So i flicked my hair and one outraged beetle ended up on my leg and waggled his legs at me. The rest is history.

Overhanging branches in the lane were lopped, so a few have ended up filling in gaps in the ‘hedge’ and the flowering ?cherry ones brought inside to stand in front of the fireplace. It looks fabulous.

I’d been waking up in the middle of the night for quite some while and couldn’t really work out why. According to Quadrille’s fabulous bird song book, it’s a family of Tawny owls. For a few nights i’d been closing and opening the windows which scared them off but their exit was very vocal indeed so i’m just living with my wonderful nocturnal choir.

Whilst uprooting a thistle, i had quite obviously not checked carefully enough as a shiny blue (large) beetle scurried up the nearby grass and waggled it’s legs at me. I carried on, so the beetle came much closer and carried on waggling. Left it to the thistle and will go back tonight.

Clearing the well established dock i (yet again!) didn’t check carefully enough and leaning down with face at ground level, brushed aside a clump of not-yet-gathered grass cuttings. An eye opened and closed; clump of grass cuttings was replaced smartly! Five minutes later i lifted it again. The eye opened again, closed and four legs were gathered closer to the toad’s round cosy body. The eye opened for a final time and i swear the toad said,
“Would you mind? thank you very much indeed”, as it sank down further into the moist grass cuttings.

There are some orchids growing in the garden, common spotted i think and hopefully not blind. Don’t like the look of them though….sure the leaves should be more rosette-like…Hmmmm. The toad and i shall keep an eye on things.

Whilst de-brambling the japonica an eye opened and there was a rush of greeny yellow as a young frog nipped into the middle of the bush. It sat tight, keeping an eye on me. We eyed each other, then got on with our lives….i clipped while it dozed.

We have some ancient beech hedge around the house that is partially maintained by someone else…and ….a low wall with fencing on top (that i originally didn’t like but now understand the reason for for). The wall and fencing also has Some hedging/ trees/ honeysuckle/ other plants in it. This needs adding to. We have already had one dog break Into our garden for a play with ours! i am almost certain that a fox was strolling through another part as well. THAT part has now been firmly blocked but something tried to get through the other night, i’ve blocked it again the fox can jolly well go round and go through any number of far more easily available gaps on the Other side of our garden.

Apparently it’s going to be cold tonight so before the garden runs away with us completely….i’m back off outside….
Drinking…apparently, far too much tea
Eating…..anything that can be prepared swiftly
Listening to….birdsong and tractors
Watching….things grow


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