Quick catch up of life:

  • Our garden continues to delight and entrance.
  • Sleeping better than ever before.
  • Still spending lots of time outside.
  • Occasionally there is a buzzard over the woods ( yet i am aware that others are not as appreciative…).
  • Passing horses have taken to leaving fabulous droppings either in the lane or on the road at the top of the lane…. Happy Days!
  • My mobile finally gave a last gasp and packed in. I now have a reconditioned one of the same sort of/ kind of variety as the one i had before. It should be easy to sort out and when i can drag myself away from (here or) the garden (!)…i will.
  • Our ancient and very wonderful cat finally took a one way trip to the vet. Not an easy decision, but as her quality of life had taken a dive (from an already very low spot anyway…) it was the only humane thing to do.  Apparently she had something going on in her brain and it wasn’t going to get any better + she was blind. We’d already had two non-response episodes….sometimes she couldn’t take care of her own needs….and circling a room three times before attempting the door another three times isn’t great. On the plus side, she managed an escape attempt up the lane before being shepherded back by a burly fella being as polite to her as he would his great grandmother….she enjoyed sleeping in the sunshine….purring never went out of fashion….kept a great appetite…..she saw off two cheeky sparrows last week + leapt up onto a low wall (what?!) Our home is now quieter.
  • Just now as i finished off cutting back some ornamental grasses, as frog popped out and landed on my hand. Frogs are quite light in weight…….
  • Matters are moving forward decisively as far as selling our old home goes.
  • I Need to spend more time with an Ancient Parent…so now cat is no more, maybe i can?
  • It’s sunny still….excuse me, i need to go!
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2 thoughts on “Contentment…continued….

  1. Sounds great, apart from your cat. It seems you have made a good move going to Scotland. I have been off blogging partly due to surgery on my eye lid and my busy workload. Must make an effort.
    J 😎

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