Aaaand….it’s August!



We’re settled here….have not quite sold there….but frankly could live here forever. Only i do believe that our landlord has zero intention of ever selling this darling little home!


So we continue doing what we set out to do, namely going through…yet again….our belongings and deciding…yet again….what we actually want to keep and what merely has a sentimental value but is past the emotional sell-by-date. Doing this check back there in a city was necessary, dragging ourselves through the debris (Yet Again!) is proving vital.

Helpful little sites like Ziffit / Zapper/ Music Magpie and We Buy Books have lessened the pain somewhat and having a handy little cheque to pay into a handy little bank account is proving Just the incentive that i need!


In other news:

My half of our family went away, altogether, on a camping trip and survived; both physically and emotionally. It was rainy and there were a lot of us but overall it was a Very Good Experience.

We have too much clobber and more needs to go.

Our garden is proving worryingly unpredictable and yet utterly charming, in equal measure.

We are not yet decided exactly where we will end up. However we Do have a far clearer idea of How we will be living, once we reach wherever we end up.

I have a new camera…and as can be seen by the lack of any images here: i am not yet sorted with it! It will happen, in due course.

I would be everso grateful if someone could tell me how to stop spider plant leaves from getting messy at the tips? One plant is balanced in an old ceramic chimney pot/ vase thingy. But the rest are having to take their chances balanced on to of tottering piles of dishes and bowls. I fear that one day it may all end in a shattering crash! Oh and two are popped on top of old whiskey cardboard tubes…. Sadly as this is not our Own home, i don’t feel able to have macrame hanging things…

OK…two washing loads finished…one still on the line…passersby can Be surprised. I’m not having wet laundry indoors.


Luncheon calleth







2 thoughts on “Aaaand….it’s August!

    1. We Were going to make this home a VERY short stay one. Matters have changed, we love this place! So are going to take our time and manage this next move very carefully indeed…ensuring that we end up in exactly the right place for us. But thank you! 🙂

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