Tipped out…..

It really does feel as if the past nine years or so have been bundled up….shaken about….transformed by some obscure alchemy…then tipped out across this airy landscape.

In reality, i was going to end my days living in the outskirts of a city & not even an interesting edgy part either, just damn suburbia. Writ large.

Eleven years we did there. Eleven years of mooching round the city streets to and from work. Eleven years of intimately knowing my local wildlife nature pieces. Eleven years of serious but never connected medical incidents. I don’t know what crime one has to commit to get an 11yrs sentence, but i do know that for sure Mr Kitchenish felt like he d served time and he positively jumped at the idea of leaving.

For years we had presumed….lazily i think…..that we would relocate to the south of England. But have you Seen the prices? Come to think of it, have you seen the space? Too much of the former and not enough of the latter. So we looked at Scotland.


And here we are.

The same people.

But utterly changed.




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